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If you are a PUBG Mobile player, then one question raises in your mind that how to hack PUBG Mobile game safely. If you want to hack PUBG Mobile with caught by anyone or developer then you must download and install “New v10 Apk” for android smartphones and tablets.

As you know that PUBG Mobile game is one of the famous shooting games on the internet loved by every age group of people. This famous game is developed and offered by Tencent Gaming Studio and now it is updated by PUBG Crop which is a subsidiary company of Tencent Gaming.

Basically this game is shooting games like Garena Free Fire but it has the most amazing graphic other features than Free Fire that why people love this game. If you want to download the PUBG game, then you can easily download it from google play store or any other safe website.

Now you can easily hack OUBG mobile game and get upper hand over other players. If you want to hack PUBGM and want aimbot, wallhack, color, and many such hacks by injecting different cheats then download New v10 Hack on your device.

About App

This is an android application developed and offered by PUBG Hack for android users from all around the world who want hack PUBG to get an edge over other players while playing their favorite shooting PUBGM.

By using this app, you can get several benefits like if you activate wallhack then you can easily see enemy moments and other activities through walls and other solid objects like trees, vehicles, and houses and you can easily kill your enemy.

If you use aimbot hack, then you can easily shoot your enemy automatically like a real human player. You don’t need to spot your enemy to kill him. It automatically detects enemies and kills then automatically. The use of this hack is risky because it may increase the chance that you will be detected by surveillance software.

Information about App

NameNew v10
Size2.71 MB
DeveloperPUBGM Hack
Android RequiredLollipop (5)

One thing always keeps in your mind while using aimbot hack it only works with guns and it doesn’t work for grenade or any other weapon. After activating this hack you can easily kill as many as enemies without any problem.

What hacks you get after using New v10 PUBG Hack?

You can get many amazing hacks by using this app some of the main hacks are mentioned below.

  • Wall Hack
  • Color Hack
  • Aimbot (Auto aiming)
  • Skins and avatar for your character
  • Anti-ban protection.
  • Shoot while swimming.
  • And many more.

About PUBG Mobile Game

It is a shooting game in which you have the option to play as a guest or create your account using social networking sites. After creating your account login into your account and select the game map. In the basic version, you have Erangel and Miramars however in the upgraded version you have many more options.

In this game total of 100 human players from all around the world fight against each other to win the match, the team remains alive till the end win the match and enjoy chicken dinner as reward for their win. These all players are drop at the island for airplane and the game start from there.

Initially, players have to collect equipment and other things to kill and also protect them from other players. After collecting all the necessary things player have to start killing their enemies to win the match.

Is using New v10 Hack is safe and legal?

Friendly says using such apps is unsafe and illegal because PUBG Mobile has recently added new vigilante software which is called BattlEye. This software monitors all activities of all players while playing the game.

This is a strong proactive anti-cheat protection system that easily detects all cheats and hacks used by players while playing the game. If you are spotted by BattlEye then the system automatically corrupts all your data and throws you out of the game server.

After knowing all this if you still want to use these hacking tools and apps then use a virtual space app and delete all your data after 2 or 3 matches for more protection. Use such apps initially on your temporary account.

Screenshots of App

What thing must player know before using any hacking app or tool?

  • Always use the hack on your temporary account and use an in-game lobby.
  • Use hack for only 2 or 3 a day.
  • Don’t use more hack at once.
  • Always check anti-ban protection.
  • Play like a pro player.
  • And use these hacks on your own risk.

How to download and use New v10 Apk?

To use this app to hack PUBG Mobile-first download it from our website using a direct download link given at the end of the article and install this app on your smartphone. While installing app enable unknown source and also allow all permissions required for this app.

After installing open this app and PUBG Mobile in the virtual space app. You can easily download any virtual space app from our website or from the google play store. You will see hack after running this app in a virtual space app. Tap on cheat or hack that you want to inject PUBG mobile game. Repeat the same process for more cheats and hacks.


New v10 PUBG Hack is an android application specially designed to hack PUBGM games by injecting different cheats and hacks.

If you want to hack PUBGM game, then download this app and also share it with other players too so that more players get to benefit from this app. Subscribe our page for more apps and games.

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