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Project Cerberus Apk v1.4.5 Free Download For Android


If you love to play PUBG game than today’s article is for you. Stay on this page and read the whole article. Because I am sharing a tool which you can use while playing PUBG game. Am talking about “Project Cerberus Apk”. This is an android app which can be used while playing PUBG.

About App

In PUBG game you know that if you are playing with a mobile phone you automatically get all enemies which also playing through cell phone. And same like this A person play PUBG with PC or Laptop using emulator get enemies of the same operating system. This is done by app developer because the PC user has the most chance of winning if they are connecting to the cell phone user.


Because PC has a widescreen, HD graphic with 60 FRP, easy control and many more features than a cell phone. So PC or Laptop user has more chance to win a game. By seeing all this developer has automatically set a system which connects the same operating system to the same enemies.

Project Cerberus Apk actually an android app. By using which you can easily bypass that security system which developer has made to connect the same operating system to same and when you Bypass this security through this you will on laptop or PC and your enemies are using a mobile phone to play.

Simply this is an application which Bypass PUBG emulator detection and you are able to play with users using the different operating system. Actually, this is not a legal thing. Because of it imbalance the game system which developer has set according to game requirement.

Information about Project Cerberus Apk

Name Project Cerberus
Size5.06 MB
Operating SystemAndroid 4.2+

This application is only useful for laptop and PC users because by using this app they can play with mobile phone use by having more feature from them. if you are playing PUBG from PC or laptop then try this third party app from our website and play the game with mobile phone users. This app only supports Tencent’s official emulator to Bypass.

Project Cerberus Apk also contains some paid features which you have to buy to use them. by using these paid features, you can easily hack different game. If you want to hack any game, try paid features.

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Before downloading this app read this disclaimer carefully. Because this is a hacking tool. Using this tool is against PUBG rules and policy. Also, it is illegal to use this app. Its usage may lead to ban your gaming account permanently.

We are not responsible for any misbehave or any issue. We only provide third-party apps which do not belong to us. Only we provide download links to the user. Furthermore, you will be responsible for all your actions.


Project Cerberus Apk is an android application. By using which you can bypass PUBG emulator detection and able to play with the different operating systems.

Download this app from our website. Direct download link is given at the end of the article. Share your experience with your family and friends.

Direct Download Link

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