Apental Calc Apk v6.50 Free Download For Android

Social media is becoming part of our life. Approximately half of the world is using different social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, tiktok, Orkut, and many more. In these social media websites, everyone shares their photos and videos and other people like and comment on these photos and videos.

One thing that keeps you feeling happy is to get more likes and comments on the photo you share or on your Facebook page. In a short time, so many people get thousands of likes and comments on their photos and videos.

Don’t be jealous of those people because we are introducing new software known as “Apental Calc Apk” by using this software you can easily get huge likes and comments on your photos and Facebook page few minutes.

Apental Calc Apk

To use this application, you have to download this app from the given link below and install it to your android mobile phones and tablets. When you experience this software you will be very happy when you get instant likes and comments on your photo and Facebook page so don’t waste time just experience it.

This software is totally free and there is no age restriction to download and use this application. Apental Calc is a simple and easy software which is easily understood by everyone.

One of the best advantages of this software is that it increases your online existence and increase your share limits.it is easily downloaded from the link given below by default browser.

Name Apental Calc
Version 2.52
Size4 MB
Operating SystemAndroid 2.2+

Features of Apental Calc Apk

  1. Increase your likes, comments, and sharing limits of your Facebook.
  2. One of the best instruments to get huge likes and comments on Facebook page and Facebook photos.
  3. Free of cost download for whole life
  4. Software is small in size so the battery time of your device is not affected.
  5. It is simple, safe, and easily downloaded in all android smartphones.
  6. Updates always available for users.
  7. It can be also used for your friend’s photos.
  8. One of the best auto liker for Facebook.
  9. There are no hidden prices.
  10. User-friendly software.

How to install and use Apental Calc Apk

  • The download of this application is so simple just like sign up for Facebook.
  • First, you have to download the Apk file from the link given below.
  • After download, you have to open the downloaded file and install it.
  • When you install it launch it.
  • It will automatically take you to the Fb profile which is already login in your smartphone.
  • After login into Fb account tap on want to like this button and get unlimited Facebook likes for free within a minute.
  • Now it’s your turn to enjoy unlimited Facebook likes and also share your experience with other Fb users.


Apental Calc Apk is a simple and safe software that is used to get huge likes and comments on your Fb page and photos. This application is totally free of cost and easily understand by everyone. This application is also known by the best Fb auto liker.

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